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"This is a blacker than black ops thriller from a new all-star in the genre." -Dalton Fury, NYT Best Selling AUTHOR




Former counterterrorism intelligence advisor, J.T. Patten has written a "blacker than black" black operations thriller series, Safe Havens.  Readers who enjoy classic military thriller characters like Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher will tear through pages as these black ops soldiers become unwittingly embroiled in unsanctioned government programs to stage proxy attacks and spoof terror events on U.S. soil to jumpstart military spending.  The story is permeated with Patten's experience in supporting covert activities with an spy and conspiracy angle.  Readers will experience jaw dropping twists and ultimately question who is good or bad in the blurred lines of national security, as a fallible intelligence specialist, Sean Havens, takes his place on the shelves of terrorism and espionage novels. 

Of note, J.T. Patten upholds the terms of his secrecy agreements. Manuscripts are submitted to prepublication reviews. Materials that involved sensitive topics are fabrications or are the result of open source research. For intelligence agency details, sources such as this-- -- are reviewed to ensure materials have been appropriately released. If you see any material that may be questionable, please contact J.T. Patten. 

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